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Originally Posted by ATC Watcher View Post
Do not know how the fencing is done in Austin , but climbing over a simple fence and running is not that complicated and even if detected can take a while to stop . In San Jose Costa Rica domestic airport , just outside the fence is a large psychiatric hospital , it not uncommon to have patients escaping and jumping the fence and wandering on the runway, fortunately they have bright colored overalls,so they can be spotted early. but not so much if a night
In the U.S., the FAA establishes requirements for airport perimeter security fencing. Generally, a minimum of 8ft. high chain link fencing topped by 2ft. of barbed wire is required, and the barbed wire leans outward at a 45 degree angle. Climbing over such a fence would be a real challenge, and "jumping the fence" would be a feat of Olympic caliber. As with most security measures, almost any can be compromised or defeated, but hopefully the trespasser would be sufficiently slowed that security personnel could take appropriate action. One cannot just innocently wander onto an airport property and then stroll onto an active runway. Significant effort is usually required to defeat airport security, and the casual or "innocent" individual is usually deterred.

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