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Originally Posted by ROC10 View Post
I'm struggling to see how lifting lockdown is going to drastically change this situation. Even after lockdown is lifted, strict social distancing is likely to remain in force for the foreseeable future, meaning no one will be "flying around".
Flying will have to re start at some stage so someone will be flying you only have to look at the Aer Lingus flight from Belfast to LHR 95% full, those passengers needed to fly for whatever reason, so people are willing to fly. It's been said that social distancing in airliners is impossible and will not work becuase of the air re-circling system !!! So as soon as airlines see a glimmer the skies will start to be full again. Infact about three weeks ago there were approx 50 aircraft airborne over the UK now its more like 100+ already doubled.
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