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The entire board has been sacked in a shareholder revolt and they've appointed you to turn the company round. What would you do?

Here's my 2p worth:

1) Put 737Max on the back burner.

2) Fill the board with genuinely good senior engineers.

3) Pull the best young engineers together from across the business, and start a clean sheet design for 737 replacement.
3a) Design philosophy full fly by wire, but keep connected yokes and thrust levers that move properly (no secret computer generated thrust)

MAX: There's no demand for the next few years, just keep a few staff chipping away at approvals until it's certified. If it's not certified after a year, write it off. 900 airframes yes; but sunk cost. Break for parts, reuse engines.
New design: The best time to start a new business, start a new anything, is in the middle of a recession. By the time you've got set up / got certification, the world will be out of depression and flying again.
Design philosophy: Take the best of both A and B.
Engineers: Get back to Boeing's heritage of a cutting edge engineering-led company.

That's my plan, what's yours?
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