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Originally Posted by vikingivesterled View Post
And that is why the 757-Plus is a viable single-aisle option. And the 737 kept growing into that category to such an extent it has become overstretched.
Might not be ideal but could definately be an alternative stopgap if the Max debacle keeps going on and on and on. And faster development than a clean sheet.
It certainly is a pretty longlegged bird in TrumpForce One disguise. Plenty of room for big diameter engines. Any thoughts of it with a composite body and winglets.
With a new cockpit in addition if some tooling is lost not so important. But these things are seldom lost, just stored, and one can always make new tools based on existing parts.
Viking, there is no 757 tooling in existence - it was all scraped over a decade ago. If you're going to go through all the time, trouble, and expense to retool a 40 year old design, you might as well do a clean sheet. A clean sheet won't take any longer, won't cost significantly more, and the result would be a modern design with all the advantages that go with it - not a rehash of a 4 decade old design.
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