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"so those two fixed wing jobs will have a Q applying regardless of how NPAS HR play their cards."

Well you may find there is actually quite a narrow band of candidates that are suitable, the ex Airline types of which a high proportion went straight from 200 hours out of school to a multi crew position aren't going to be that well suited for operating Single Pilot in a piston twin. There will be a small number that did the AirTaxi work or survey prior to moving into the Airlines but the job requires the MEP to be current, so are going to have to spend money getting the SPA ratings current again.
There may well be a lot of VFR instructors out there that will meet the total time requirement but won't have the IFR time.
The most suitable candidates are those currently working as ME/IR instructors or currently flying SPO work (stating the obvious). So the number of suitable candidates isn't as large as the market would suggest. The pay is on par with what ME/IR instructors were getting pre-furlough. The roster and pay is a lot better than most of the other SPO operators.

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