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Originally Posted by Dylan Cimmino View Post
Perhaps someone who is currently in training has more information about the situation inside the school.
I urge you, used Linkedin, social media. There you will get a better idea and will be able to easily contact people and see the sceanrio.
But do you really think it's easy for these affected individuals to immediately talk, this is very raw for a lot of people, devastated over what probably is a life dream, people who are facing large training bills and no job for the foreseeable future, others potentially facing some form of redundancy, maybe even some form of bankruptcy or credit agreements as the loans need repaying. This isn't hype, this is the reality of when an industry is in freefall, and for a lot of people, they will not want to talk right this minute, they want advice too, this is absolutely life changing.

On here, search on the terms and endearment forum for Non TR EasyJet Recruitment, there you will see posts from 'Larki' who's son on EasyJet MPL has had his contract terminated as a result of Covid 19 by EasyJet during the Type Rating phase, it's not a nice thing to read and my thoughts are with those people facing this stark reality.
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