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Sam - you, has to be an FAA instructor.

I have a similar issue - my review flight review runs out in a couple of weeks. The FAA has said it will not prosecute for expired medicals and reviews during the crisis.

This does not help me as I am an FAA certificated pilot flying a US registered airplane outside the US (in my case out of Dominica for the past year).

My medical runs out at the end of this month and my review next month (also my annual for what its worth).

So if I go fly and get ramp checked in a country under, say, the Eastern Caribbean Civil Aviation Authority - they could very well impound my airplane and fine me notwithstanding what the FAA may say.

The FAA have so far avoided the rather simple means of fixing the problem of extending flight review and medical expiry dates by say six months and expiring annuals by say 50 hours from the last 50/100 hour check or annual. I believe that Canada have taken this simple approach - although maybe not for commercially operated airplanes.

The biggest issue, even of one is in the US, is one's insurance company.
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