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Originally Posted by teamax View Post
The lack of empathy towards Norwegian stems from the fact companies like them have driven down pay and T&Cs in the aviation sector. They cut financial corners meaning traditional airlines who are unable to do the same, turn to their employees for concessions in order to compete.
I do understand for those desperate to start in the industry that this type of company offered an opportunity, but it was at the expense of others.
Exactly. I was invited once for their 787 and the pay for FO was 60.000 euro gross and TQ was 40.000. Thanks but no thanks. I must say this was in 2014 so it might have changed during the last few years but you know where companies will save money when there is no shortage of pilots.

Nevertheless, I am not happy to see them closing up. However this is almost inevitable. I wish everyone involved a somehow speedy recovery of the aviation business in general. Good luck
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