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Iíd be astonished if any of the US long haul operations will go ahead for 2020. Air Canada Rouge have already given up.
Reality check time. No one will fly until it is safe to fly. What % of people will pay to put their kids on a metal tube for hours at a time wearing a face mask and no food? Any long haul will be served over LHR and connecting flights with limited ME3. Itís April and forward bookings are dead and airlines are bleeding cash in refunds and no forward bookings. Theyíre not looking to open hospitality in this country, restaurants etc until the winter, theyíll be last.

Guys, summerís cancelled, itís not happening. These schedules are placeholders to bring in some, ANY revenue to keep the lights on. Thereís no need to travel cos major economies are in lockdown and are not and will not be open for leisure non essential travel this summer. Holidays this summer will be UK based, expect a good frequency on UK domestic but with social distance in seating as per easyJet.

BAU isnít coming back this year.
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