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Be apart of the solution - case for fresh NTR grads.

Without getting into quotas; cargo pilots will be in demand, and you could be fortunate to be hired by companies in other sectors. In any case you can argue who should they hire, TR or NTR. In the many threads it's advised to take the instructing route for now. That in itself suggests those who have the finances will still pursue flight training and will need teaching by someone.

These cargo companies will hire whoever is cheap, fresh NTR cadets. Sure, they need experienced crew as well, point is some cadets and low hours CPL/IR fATPL'ers will still be hired even in these times. The Flight Schools will need to continue to offer incentives to come and train still. Competition will be tough, so focus your energies on these companies and what they want. Write a list, look into what these recruiters/chief pilots want from you and go from there. Those few that get hired will have to show considerable passion.

You can either resign to doom and gloom scenarios or think together brainstorming viable solutions in order to adapt to the current situation. No harm in the latter.
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