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There's nothing materially changed so far in either EasyJet or Ryanair's stance from how each of their business strategies have been for years.

EasyJet deferring fleet growth, which of course a lot of pressure on them to do so, and prioiritsing yield per head and market share positions above all else.

Ryanair's 'load factor active yield passive' stragtegy will mean they'll cut fares to whatever it takes to best fill the aircraft as much as possible. They know full well they can withstand the downward pressure on fares more so than anyone else.

Not to say which strategy is better in the long run, but I'm sure the airports at least will favour volumes in the short run as are essential for thier commercial spend, never mind the employees and contractors right across the business.

Anybody personally still concerned about the covid-19 spread once restrictions are eased are not in my view the people that will be flying away on a jolly, regardless of price or seating policy etc.

The reality of course will unfold purley on how and when restrictions are lifted and how the market pans out. One thing that is for sure and will be a lasting effect is the aviation world will look much different on the other side of all this.

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