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Originally Posted by the1917 View Post
Truckflyer, you represent a section of society which seems to be disproportionately large in the LHS of airlines. Your bigoted approach has led you to make assumptions about my background with tunnel visioned certainty.

Despite your ignorant and predominantly incorrect comments I appreciate your response, as you have reinforced my message to the OP that becoming a FO may just expose him, in close quarters, to the type of person many of us actively avoid.

Most of what you have guessed about me is wrong, however it has all handily served to reinforce your confirmation bias. Much easier than self-reflection. It has also created the ideal platform to give yourself a few pats on the back for your flawless background.

The one point you make about me which might be true is that Ďnobody likes me in the flight deckí. Quite possibly the case, albeit very difficult to quantify. So that you donít feel isolated from this I would like to reassure you that you probably also share the flight deck with people who donít like you. Yes, even you.

Thanks again for demonstrating this all-too-common bigotry - it may help to save future unfortunate victims from needing to share a confined space with such ego.
I don't go to work to have somebody hold my hand, and don't have need to be cuddled for comfort. Btw you was the one mentioning how awful it was to risk your families hard earned money, and you haven't yet been given the "dream job" - and you discovered only after you completed training, that you had to get up early in the morning to go to work, and that you don't get enough "beauty sleep" before your early starts.

And than you want people here to have some sympathy for you? Seriously, maybe you should have done some research about those things before you started training and spending hundred thousand pound or more. Should have gone modular, and talked to pilots before you started training. Sp you how the job was.

If someone does not like me, that's fine, that's not really important. Do your job, follow SOP's, I have not need to sit and chat about airplanes all day with my colleague, sometimes we might, sometimes we won't. But I will always respect my fellow colleague, and I have not found many who don't show the same respect back. Maybe you been flying in China or Indonesia, most UK companies have worked very hard on CRM, to make sure there is a healthy cockpit gradient.

As feeling that is beneath you to work for companies like Ryanair or Wizz, have in mind most of the guys/girls who end up in companies like BA / Virgin etc, have gone that way, there is no easy path way to the best jobs, you just have to join the line like the rest of us have and do the hard work the same way.

My best advice to you would be following, get a job, any job, keep your head down, keep your personal opinions of how much you hate the job or the company or the Captains for yourself, stay professional and learn from what you see from others, that can be good and bad things, and go with what you believe is the best for you.
And never forget, the aviation world is very small, you get a bad reputation in one place, it will stick with you for a very very long time.
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