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Originally Posted by ReallyAnnoyed View Post
The trillion dollar fund is mainly for investment abroad and it is their own statement that the fund cannot own more than 10% of a listed company: https://www.nbim.no/no/oljefondet/sl...forvaltningen/ NAS is not listed anywhere there.

This is starting to sound more and more like smoke and mirrors to present some illusion that NAS is a state carrier just because it uses the name "Norwegian". It is really not. SAS was formed by Norway, Sweden and Denmark a long time ago, but Notway sold its shares in them years ago.

I have no skin in this game, but when someone claims that the Norwegian state is majority shareholder in NAS, I expect it to be backed up by hard facts. Just wishy washy speculation and insinuations.
Please, calm down. I am merely stating the facts. Shareholder lists have a delay, and the marketscreener you are using is dated. Varna is not even a shareholder anymore, but showing up as largest shareholder on your source. Folketrygfondet is at presently 5.85 percent, and thus biggest owner. As things stand now, and with the government guarantee, Norwegian is in a perfect position to sort out it's debt, and financial challenges by putting it's bondholders and creditors up against the wall.
Norway sold it's last shares in sas and made Norwegian it's main national airline. Without Norwegian, Norway would never had sold it's shares in sas

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