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Originally Posted by davidjohnson6 View Post
I would imagine Jet2 will go for the destinations which traditionally see the highest leisure demand from the UK historically. Start with routes like Mallorca, Alicante, Malaga, Tenerife - maybe also Antalya and Crete and see how it goes. I very much doubt the more minor destinations will be flown in June
Greece appears to have far fewer cases than Spain and other popular European countries currently so it might be a more realistic place to start. However, this obviously depends on several factors. The UKís travel advice will need to change, Greece would need to be willing to accept tourists (they will obviously need the money but will they want to take health risks?). Hotels need to be open and well-staffed (or at least enough to cover the inevitably lower demand) and importantly, demand obviously needs to be high enough to justify operating flights. Even if lockdown is lifted in the coming weeks, it seems likely social distancing requirements will remain in place for at least some months so I donít really see how leisure flights could be allowed to operate. But, of course, it helps to be hopeful that the situation will improve...
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