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Originally Posted by helipixman View Post
You are probably being at more risk sitting in close proximity in an airliner, bet they were not sitting six feet apart, just seems a breeding ground for incoming people into the UK. Surely lockdown means lockdown, just hope all the passengers have followed the advice and stayed in self isolation. Just glad there are no US flights into the UK, have a look at flight radar and see how many flights are going on there.
No the UK has not locked down the boarders thankfully unlike a few other countries. Thatís just counterproductive and causes panic. planes are as much a risk as any public transportation and itís all about hygiene and cleanliness. The virus is NOT airborne, it is passed on through droplets or contaminated surfaces. Thatís why Iíd some is Iíll they must not travel. I believe many airlines flying are spacing out passengers too.
Personally canít wait to get on a plane and fly home to Edi from Tokyo but all in good time once I know my team is ok here. Just hope Qatar keep flying long enough, or is JAL to London then.....train maybe.....
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