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Originally Posted by The Bullwinkle View Post
Absolutely correct!
If VA is going to go broke, call in the administrators now and give the employees their full entitlements rather than just sit around and wait until the cash is gone and there's nothing for anyone!
If VA isn't going to go broke, then tell us what the situation truly is and give us belief that the company will survive.
Prior to the Ansett collapse, employees had to get in the (far) queue of creditors fighting for the scraps left by failed businesses.
The only good thing to come out of that whole debacle was that we were made first in line. for whatever was left in the kitty.
I absolutley, and from the bottom of my heart, wouldn't want VA employees to have to experience the trauma of that sh!tfight
Why has there not been a single word heard from VA's owners, they've made CEO Paul Scurrah the messenger and they are letting him cop all the arrows!
Regardless of how much they pay him, from a due diligence perspective they need to be more open and transparent, this is a life or death situation for Virgin Australia.

Understanding how big business operates in the background, I reckon our pollies know alot more than they are prepared to tell us.
We can't continue to accept that they have no control over businesses failing (or surviving), they are intrinsicly involved at all levels!
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