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Originally Posted by GrahamK View Post
Reducing to 6am-6pm IIRC, possibly shorter
The 6am to 6pm hours appear to start from Saturday if the revised and further reduced BA schedule is correct. BA flights still operating are currently scheduled to be as follows but will no doubt be subject to change (changes since my previous post in red).

Wed-01-Apr: BA1441,
Thu-02-Apr: BA1441, BA1465
Fri-03-Apr: BA1441, BA1463
Sat-04-Apr: BA1443, BA1455
Sun-05-Apr: BA1445,
Mon-06-Apr: BA1441,
Tue-07-Apr: BA1441
Wed-08-Apr: BA1441
Thu-09-Apr: BA1441, BA1455,
Fri-10-Apr: BA1441, BA1455,
Sat-11-Apr: BA1443, BA1445,

Wed-01-Apr: 1 Flight (was 2)
Thu-02-Apr: 2 Flights (was 3)
Fri-03-Apr: 2 Flights (was 4)
Sat-04-Apr: 2 Flights (was 3)
Sun-05-Apr: 1 Flight (was 2)
Mon-06-Apr: 1 Flight (was 2)
Tue-07-Apr: 1 Flight (was 2)
Wed-08-Apr: 1 Flight
Thu-09-Apr: 2 Flights
Fri-10-Apr: 2 Flights
Sat-11-Apr: 2 Flights

The new schedule seems to be 1 flight per day Sun - Wed and 2 per day Thu-Sat.

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