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Originally Posted by DvEsp787 View Post
Hey, this is my first post on PPRuNe.

I am hoping to start my Integrated ATPL course by the end of this year/next year but, I have been seeing threads on PPRuNe saying that the bonanza of pilot shortage would simply not exist for the next 5-10 years/after COVID.
To quote, Flying Clog posted under Rumors and news: "The aviation sector is going to contract by 50% for at least the next 5-10 years, and will never, in our lifetimes, recover to the dizzy heights of 2019".
I am just another aspiring airline pilot but looking at the current and predicted situation should I look for something else rather than becoming a pilot?

Please correct me if I am wrong and I would love some advice, feedback, thoughts or whether I should pursue this dream forward...
Personally I would go Modular. I have 1000 hours albeit as a GA Flying Instructor. My airline Sim Assessment was cancelled in November and since then the HR department for that airline has stated that it is seeking qualified Flybe crew or Type Rated crew only. And now they are seeking government aid.

In the UK, with BMI, Monarch, TC & Flybe all gone & other airlines (including easyjet) are struggling. There are a lot of experienced, redundant crews out there and it will take time to reabsorb them back into flying (if that is what they wish).

Get a job or alternative profession to fall back on. Save your cash. Train Modular. Go for a Single Pilot Licence not MPL so that you could add an FI Rating if you wished.

The flying public are going to need time to recover before discretionary spending picks up - the economy is likely badly damaged. Choice of a holiday abroad or saving for a rainy day then I suspect that a lot of people will now go for the latter - my family certainly are: might look at a holiday next year - no way are we going to fight our way through crowded airports and transport infrastructure only weeks after a pandemic!!!
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