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I can't find my logbook at present, otherwise, I could date the Monarch 1-11 wheels-up. I was doing my recurrent base check (TMAC) that day and we were sharing the circuit with them. All stopped after that as the runway was blocked for a while! Next day, the aeroplane was in the TMAC hangar having been put back on its wheels. The damage looked remarkably slight.

There was a really significant incident when a DC-8, which may have been a Nigerian airline and a Phillipino operator (ACMI?) carried out an approach in very low RVR and on going round, struck the tail of a Flying Tiger DC-8 parked over on the old main apron, where Harrods is now. Late '79 I think. It then diverted to Manchester IIRC.

I believe, the crew were not familiar with the "approach ban" limitations and how they apply in the UK and felt being "cleared for the approach" by ATC gave them the authority to have a look, even though the RVR being reported was below minima. Cue: much revision of the approach ban, its implications and when and where you could continue/were required to break off an approach by all and sundry.

ATEL looked after an Aero Commander (G-ASIO) I flew for a short time. The ATEL chaps were excellent and seemed to like working on the aeroplane. Their hangar was always full of interesting stuff, Tradewinds '44s, itinerant 707s, Turkish Air Force Viscounts, etc.

Happy days!
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