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Originally Posted by Kit Sanbumps KG View Post
A very poor report indeed, illustrating again, if we needed it, that the habit of publishing ‘facts’ (and in this case very selective facts - ‘It has to be noted that in the background on the channels of the PIC and the co-pilot the on-board entertainment music can quietly be heard’) without any analysis is harmful. The BFU should also know better than to use ‘minimum altitude’ as they did, to confuse ‘descent’ with ‘descend’ and that ‘head towards 340(deg)’ and the crucial ‘speed up the descent’ (their words, not a quote) is highly ambiguous and has no place in a State publication. If their English can’t be better (and I know it can), they should stick to German.
An Interim Report typically contains neither analysis nor conclusions/probable cause (hence the "interim"). This one is no exception.
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