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Originally Posted by 254HEAVY View Post
I want to wish all the very best in your recruitment with the carrier! From what i hear or what i have been told, you guys are the least of their priorities right now. What it means it could take more than a year for the successful candidates to start their flight training and even after that, a longer period flying as a S/O receiving close to peanuts as your wages. Mr.Corona is a saving grace for the carrier because just few months ago, the carrier financial position was very bad and it continues being the case. After Mr. Corona dies away carriers like ET and WB who were dominating and giving the carrier headache will come back more aggressively especially WB now that it looks QR will be buying 49% stake of it.

So like i started, i wish you all the best BUT don't be too naive thinking things will happen as soon as yesterday. It will be a very long long wait with the hopes that they wouldn't cancel the program last minute as it has happen in the past when guys were about to leave for SA!
When is it they cancelled? I remember in 2013 they introduced the degree requirement which cut out form 4 leavers like had been the case the preceding years.
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