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Originally Posted by harveyst View Post
I started an integrated course on 2nd March in Spain. Tomorrow (if Iím lucky) Iíll be heading back to U.K. - gutted isnít the word.
Iím the wrong side of 35 as it is, so starting the course was a risky move to start with but this situation has basically ended the dream. Iíve put the course on ice to see how the next few months pan out but realistically itís bad times.
Iím not trying to get any sympathy, but in answer to the OP - Iíd think very long and hard about whatís going to happen when youíve finished your course. From what I have read and heard this is pretty catastrophic for the industry.
BUT - best of luck whatever you choose, and I hope it works out for you.
That really, really sucks. But it wonít be too late in a couple of years. Getting a job at 42 vs 40, no difference.

Do you mind answering a couple of questions for general benefit please?

1. Did it all come out of the blue? FTE must have known it wasnít looking fantastic by the 2nd March or was it all completely fine until it wasnít?
2. Do you have a career to go back to? Maybe not into the exact same job but skills to keep you going for a year or two?

Really do hope it all works out for you, genuinely.
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