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Good time to begin ATPL training?

Hi all,

I'm wondering if people think that it would be a good time to begin training for my CPL (starting from zero) and then possibly progress to the airlines? I don't mean starting next week but hopefully around September time (maybe earlier/later) if/when we get a hold on this pandemic.

I know all airlines around the world are going to be hit dramatically over the next couple of months as passenger traffic diminishes but that can only really last for so long right?

y thinking would be as the world economy contracts, fewer people will be going into the aviation sector due to cost/demand/etc. and training prices will drop/level off as demand for instructors reduces, so this would be a good time to begin training?
Also, will falling oil prices impact the cost of fuel?

All of these thoughts are hypothetical as I understand we really don't know what is going to happen. I'm just wondering if anyone else feels the same or can give me some different ideas/scenarios.

All opinions are greatly appreciated!
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