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Zero hours on heavy jets, so Iím not going to presume to criticise anyone. But is it really true that there would not be current, consistent, comprehensive AIP data at the fingertips of a Ďheavy jetí crew?
Depends on the airline LB. I dont know what airline Savage 175 flies for but despite a lot of JQs faults the technical side of the operation is to a high standard. Everytime I have looked for an airport in the Ipad that is on the PFD it is always there. Just to clarify the PFD will only show airports 1500m or greater. There are different symbols for airports and navaids. So Cowra still has an NDB and will show up on the PFD as an NDB but the airport is not in the database and is therefore not in the ipad.

Savage 175 It may not be accurate for you but my statement is accurate for JQ operations which is the airline involved in the incident.
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