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Originally Posted by sms8 View Post
Think most are more than aware of the risks and have made a decision that suits their own judgements and circumstances...especially since this thread is regarding future class AP445 not shall I go integrated or wait for a potential apocalypse... CV impact cannot be predicted and that is very much is a doomsday scenario for what is essentially a bad flu... starting training in late September as it seems is the likely time, your looking at least another 18months on, theres always a reason not to do XY and Z ... then life and circumstances get in the way and the opportunity passes you buy (I talk from experience) . Thereís always so many nay sayers...Iíve got what I consider my second chance and Iím going for it Iím aware of the risks thanks.
Nothing about portos8ís advice there is naysaying, itís genuine advice which youíre getting for free so try not to write it off just because you donít like it.

It took people five years to get jobs back after the recession, and American didnít ground itís entire wide body fleet during the recession (as an example).

Itís good youíre not starting until November as youíve got time to pull out if needs be (hopefully youíve not put any money down yet for the course). Donít just block out any negativity because you want to do the training. Iíve no idea what age you are or background etc but if you are a 19 year old with Daddy paying for the training, which to be honest I sense you might be based on your attitude to risk(?) then please at the very least use the time until November to get a decent second job running in case you need it.

Integrated vs Modular is interesting here. You may well find an integrated course costs 20k less in a yearís time as half of the people drop out due to uncertainty and the schools scramble to fill slots. I suspect you may well be offered a May/June start as people WILL drop out, advice has to be not to take an early slot until this blows over!

On that topic, you have to consider what you pay for by going integrated. The training is the same as modular, albeit by going integrated youíre committing yourself to being treated like a sausage in a factory rather than a student and will be pushed through with the absolute bare minimum effort spent on your training. The main integrated benefit is getting a job at the end of it. There are no jobs. Why not save 20-30k and go modular? You gain the option to finish when you choose, as was mentioned further up thread, and youíll be treated like a student not a number. Thatís before you save loads of cash.

I appreciate that if Daddy is paying (not a bad thing, everyone wants to help their kids as much as they can) then you havenít much to lose so it doesnít really matter what you do. But for any other situation, or for anyone else reading this, put the brakes on! Take a couple of months to do some PROPER research. Glossy mags are just that, they mean nothing. Swallow your pride and go and see that slightly dusty looking flight school down the road, may be the best thing youíve ever done.

Disclaimer - Iím an ex integrated (CTC, stood for Constantly Taking Cash, now L3) student who started on jets in 2018. Iíd never really heard of modular at the time as I had an airline spot when I went through so didnít give it much thought, there were jobs absolutely everywhere. Iím now worried about my job, terrified actually. And thatís with 2000 hours, which really isnít as many as it sounds sadly. I would certainly be doing everything Iíve said above if I was in your shoes now. And what I said about integrated being a sausage factory... Trust me...

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