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Jed A1
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Cheers BB.

I think Barton is a great airfield for Heli training. However, it does get very busy from time to time - especially at weekends.

It'll be interesting to see how long the fixed wing drivers tolerate any additional heli flying. There again it would also be interesting to see how long any additional heli flying lasts!

In addition to that it would be interesting to see how long Barton lasts as an airfield!!

Apologies for going off topic and rambling.

Back on topic, I can highly recommend Manchester Helicopter Centre and their Enstroms - I have absolutely no interest whatsoever in their business, I just know them to be good people and very good at what they do. The family has been in the business forever, so they know what they're on about.

From another angle, if I were starting my heli flying again from day one. I would buy a machine. Fly it for a couple of hundred hours and sell it. In the UK, I'm convinced that you would save a lot of money. Most schools will provide an instructor free of charge if you buy a machine off them.
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