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The problem with Class E in Australia is that ASA are trying by stealth to turn it into the way Class D is meant to work. Another problem with Class E in Australia, you have the likes of Captain Luddite promoting it to be used like Class D is meant to work. Doesn't matter that Captain Luddite has no clue how Class E is meant to work.

The AV approach ladies and gents do a terrific job, most of the issues or 'shambles' that are being alluded to are caused by Harfield giving redundancies to active controllers whilst recruiting 457's. Is it because controllers on visas won't cause problems, won't speak out and will be compliant as they'd like PR?

The AV airspace is ridiculously busy at times, several frequency (sectors) on combine at it's busiest times, They do a great job given that they are perpetually understaffed.

OCTA Aus, you need to get yourself to the States, talk to pilots who use this airspace, listen on frequency to the controllers working this airspace, they are not under the limitations that you work under.

(I am Porter)

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