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Originally Posted by Sunfish View Post
Flying VFR, Avalon tower always asks for your intentions and it had better be a straight line transit.
Tower or Approach? Tower you're in Class D so, yeah...

I fly through the Avalon E fairly frequently, last time a couple of weeks ago. I gave approach a courtesy call to let them know I was going to track coastal (not a very straight line) at 3500. Thanks, they said. Later they checked to confirm what I was doing, while an AirAsiaX A330 sat poised on the numbers, waiting for me to get west of centreline. Sometimes I go through silent, saying nothing and not being talked to except for occasional traffic advice. The only time I've been asked my intentions was prior to entry, I said I was going to track coastal (I know it's not the prettiest scenery, but I like to do Around The Bay flights every now and then) at 3500, they gave me a code and I didn't hear anything until I left the E and switched back to 1200.

Whatever its other de/merits as a VFR PPL I've had zero issues with the E around Avalon.
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