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Make up your mind, I thought it was Porter?

You don't know how it works, I'd hazard a guess that you haven't done an hour's flight in the US?

I've had the good fortune to fly IFR in both systems, I've had the good fortune to instruct in both systems. And I've also had the good fortune to get away from it all, VFR in both systems.

Just admit it, you hate Americans. Your hate is obvious. Your cowboy comment is ignorant and arrogant and is typical of the Austronaut. Fly's a jet overseas once a month, lands in the off peak periods and thinks they've been there and done that. Your ignorance is based on no working knowledge of what's involved in the different classes of airspace.

And please donot refer to me as Hoosten in future, I kinda like this Porter guy.

I don't hate you in return. I just think you should retire and get out of the way of pilots who can adapt to change.
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