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This is significant thread drift, but with good reason I suggest.
Mr A, I agree with your post. The Heli use in some areas needs to be catered for and obviously in the LHR case, Class D best suited their need as might be the case at some zones in Oz. I do not believe that the education of airspace classifications and their use is a high priority for CASA and this shows with how many pilots tackle ops in Class E. The entrenched culture in Oz still highlights controlled and uncontrolled airspace as it was in the days of FS. What the letters mean to many pilots, especially GA is a mystery. As I said in the previous post, class E in the US is almost everywhere above 1200ft agl and the pilots there have grown up with that system. In theory it should work in a similar way here, however we need to review what locations and associated radar/adsb coverage so that ATC can do their job in that airspace and it can be targeted to those locations that justify such services. An early post stated the provision of pilot education in airspace is something that is left to the flying schools and training departments. It is not covered in an CASA exams! Not really good enough.
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