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Just a brief post:

Note the spin on this announcement. The Vigilants are, apparently, 'former MOD gliders'. Actually, they are 'former RAF gliders'. The words 'Royal Air Force' don't appear anywhere in this article. I can't think of the last time I saw any news item about RAF aircraft that didn't have the tag 'RAF' plastered all over it. And the use of the term 'decommissioned' is interesting - I suppose it's less embarrassing (for all concerned) than the more accurate 'grounded and removed from service due to being found non-airworthy'.

It might be interesting to see how much Aerobility plan to spend to get 2,600 kids into the air each air, then compare that with what the RAF are spending on their ATC organisation and the Vikings. Yes, I know it's apples and oranges, but....

But well done to Aerobility, and to the MoD for managing to find a bit of goodness out of this sorry saga.

Best regards as ever to all those getting young people into the air.....

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