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PBN validation before August 2020

Dear Sirs

I have a question regarding the PBN requirement which should be validated before 25th August 2020, in order to continue flying IR.
I didn't do PBN during my training, because it wasn't requested at that time.
On the top of that I have a current type rating on the A320.
Considering that I've got a "Type Specific" IR (A320 MP IR), if I want to attend a PBN course, and so being able to fly RNP procedures on the Airbus, shall I do the PBN course "On type" (and so in a A320 sim), or can I do it on a generic sim, like most of the flight training schools do ?

Because I checked on the web, but every facility which offers this course, uses, for example, the classic FNTP II, or similar.
I'm not sure if it could be recognised valid "on type".

I appreciate any suggestion !
Thank you
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