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Originally Posted by George Glass View Post
OCTA Aus , Im sure youd like this thread closed.
But you never really addressed the issue did you ?
Are non-controlled CTAFs safe or fail dangerous ?
What is your confidence that the probability of a major disaster involving an RPT jet are remote ?
Before I answer I just want to check I fully understand what you are proposing. Are you suggesting we totally eliminate uncontrolled aerodromes? And replace them with what? I fully agree CTAF procedures have their limitations, but they are going to continue to exist. The resources to make every aerodrome with more than one aircraft in the air a controlled aerodrome would be enormous.

My confidence that a disaster with an RPT jet being remote is not as good as I wish it was. Statistically Australia has had a pretty lucky run but at some point the numbers are going to catch us. Do I think the cause is going to be an RPT jet hitting a light aircraft at an uncontrolled aerodrome? No, I think the airlines are more than capable of finding some other way of doing it with all their cost cutting.
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