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Jambo Buana
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Good thread. To throw in my two pennies worth here are the tolerances as qwoted in the JAR FCL manual for an IR Skill test:

Generally +/-100ft
Starting a GA at DH +50ft/-0ft
MDH / MAP / altitude +50ft/-0ft

JAR FCL 1 Subpart E, 1 E 7.

I think this 50 ft addition is a worthy factor and should be brought in line with the new technology and theories of flying a constant angle descent NPA with EFIS Type machines.
Mind you for 50ft difference on an NPA It would be more valuable teaching pilots to realise the inaccuracy of their altimeters in cold weather Ops.
Boeing are bringing out next year cold weather correction to FMS altitudes on approaches to enable VNAV to be used safely in the colder climes.
Just some useless junk info.