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I will answer this the best I can.

Originally Posted by Sunfish View Post
ĎLet me get this straight. ADS-B was rammed down the throat of IFR Aircraft owners and operators, five years(?) in advance of the U.S. mandate. This was done at huge expense, not to mention inconvenience.
It is my personal opinion and in no way representative of Airservices that ADSB mandate was introduced unnecessarily early. I would have waited until about 2022. However that is only my opinion. Others will certainly disagree.

Originally Posted by Sunfish View Post
Yet now OCTA, you purport to tell the Australian aviation community, that ADS-B was not expected to produce a safety benefit at all, ďbelow 5000ftĒ and not in class G airspace anyway because Airservices just passes traffic and has no responsibility beyond that.
I did no such thing. I pointed you to a piece of information that is in the public domain that I thought answered the question being asked. You can draw whatever conclusions you wish from that information. However I think saying it wasnít expected to provide any safety benefit would be twisting the facts. The benefit is certainly limited compared to at higher levels.

Originally Posted by Sunfish View Post
This is despite the known fact that most mid air incidents happen in the vicinity of the circuit.
I donít think ADSB is the solution to this. The only form of ATC I can think of that would work in the circuit area is tower. You donít want radar standards applied in the circuit at anything other than the busiest aerodromes. Circuit areas are too dynamic and the scale doesnít work at the enroute level. When you are responsible for 400SQM of airspace with dozens of aerodromes you canít watch every circuit area. Some form of ADSB in may be useful here, but I suspect in non controlled aerodromes lookout and listen out will be the best we have for quite a while. Outside the circuit area and in what you could probably call the terminal area I think there are viable solutions that could definitely help.

Originally Posted by Sunfish View Post
I therefore ask the question: Could the Aviation community be justified in forming the impression that CASA and Airservices are total frauds? They have foisted and continue to foist useless technology on the Aviation community that cannot produce a measurable increase in aviation safety at all considering the way it is employed and is never going to?I wonít ask the next question; why were they so keen to do this?
CASA and Airservices as a whole? No, that would be totally unjustified. Certain elements within each organisation? Well this forum isnít anonymous so I will let you all draw your own conclusion.

As for ADSB, calling it useless is unjustified. Like any technology, it has limitations. The people relying on it have to know the limitations to know what it can and canít do. The more appropriate question would be did the benefit justify the cost. When ADSB mandate first happened and ADSB cost $40k or more to fit? My answer would be no. In the next few years as the install cost falls, the technology and system improves, and coverage gets better, absolutely I think ADSB is appropriate.

The answer to your final question that you werenít going to ask but then half a sentence later asked would be I donít know any better than you do.

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