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Originally Posted by dcoded View Post
Hi all

I am currently in an old legacy up in the north, but with the constant threat of outsourcing and downsizing I am thinking about bailing out.

What's the current situation at KLM? Will there be any more recruitment in the near future?
Just to clarify, is there a requirement to speak Dutch prior to joining KLM?
Looking through this thread some people say its absolutely mandatory while others know of people who got in without knowing Dutch but with the requirement to learn it eventually.

Thankful for any info.
PMs are appreciated also.

-number for 2020 was around 150-200. Around 60 would be from own flightschool.
-at the moment recruitment is on hold due to the virus. Since there are less flights due to the virus, all the slots are used for fleet movement.
-currently Dutch is a must!, the entire recruitment is in dutch. we do have some pilots who only speaks english, those where due to mergers in the past.
-long term recruitment depends on expansion of schiphol.
-and how much air france is growing, because we are only allowed to expand if they do.

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