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I entirely fail to understand how such an accident is possible. What are Airservices doing? Aren't IFR aircraft supposed to be separated from each other by the controllers? Wouldn't both aircraft have appeared on radar? Doesn't that expensive radar system employ conflict alerting? Didn't Australia mandate the fitting of ADS - B equipment to IFR aircraft precisely to ensure this accident couldn't happen? I mean flightradar24.com can see it happening why can't Airservices? Whats the point of ADS - B if Airservices ignores the data it provides? Why are we paying billions to Airservices? For what? If they can't keep two light IFR aircraft apart, how can they keep Qantas and similar large aircraft apart?

Being selfish, what is to stop an IFR aircraft from running into me in my bugsmasher?

Should we have confidence in ATSB? Airservices? CASA?
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