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Originally Posted by ZAZ View Post
Hey Rubber Duck,

You dont think we can comment about what was an obvious breakdown in the system?
Four pairs of eyes ears four radios, adsb.
I fly that vor every year to renew have 30 renewals.
I fly MTG vor three times a year never have issues with inbound REX rpt get told about them 50 miles out.
So what went wrong with seperation standards?
The route SHT MNG WNG very busy weekdays
lots of ctaf frequencies and yes the radio chatter is loud but you must deal with it and as casa keep harping develope a situational awareness.

I am worried, concerned and need to know what went wrong.
Might be my mistake next, so what was the mistake.
So far at mng had near miss with a croppie, missed by 200 feet
but ifr to ifr collision?
unheard of.
Bendigo guy check captain thousands of hours..
other guy
CFI Tyabb.
thousands of hours experience but it did not save them.

Well said, my concern as well.
Given the ATSB's very thorough report will take a number of years before being released, it might be useful for the knowledgable sirs on this forum to perhaps brain storm the sorts of hazards and risks that can catch out even highly experienced pilots regarding traffic separation in OCTA IFR ops around CTAFs. What sort of situations have we found ourselves in over the years, where we got a bit of a scare regarding traffic separation, and how did we cope, or not cope?
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