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Originally Posted by Lancair70 View Post
The last ADSB data from AEM shows it passing 4250' and descending at 1216'fpm at 190kt gs. The stamp before was at 4500' descending at 832' fpm .
The last ADSB from JQF was level at 4100'. 2 stamps before it was climbing at 1152' passing 4000'
There's five to ten seconds between the timestamped data frames for both A/C. ADS-B Out transmits ~TWO data frames per second. FR24 strips out 95% of the frames to save bandwidth, and because they're not needed for normal everyday plane spotting which is fine. So there's probably five or ten additional data points not showing. It would be nice to have the complete raw data when these incidents occur. Oh well, it is what it is...
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