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Originally Posted by tio540 View Post
KRAviator, clearly your expertise lies with Google.

The coronial investigation is already underway, and rules apply now. Keep Googling!
I did - and guess what I found from the Victorian Government solicitors office?

Originally Posted by The Government Solicotor
What is sub judice contempt?
Sub judice contempt is the common law offence of publishing material which has a tendency to interfere with the administration of justice while proceedings are sub judice; that is, ‘under a judge’. The rationale for the offence is to avoid a ‘trial by media’ by prohibiting the publication of material which might prejudge issues at stake in particular proceedings, or which might influence or place pressure on persons involved in the proceedings, including jurors, witnesses or potential witnesses, and parties to the proceedings. In deciding whether material is prejudicial, the court will attempt to balance the public interest in free speech with the public interest in ensuring a fair trial.
Fairly similar to what I wrote above based on my understanding of the concept, wouldn't you say? Be interesting to hear your understanding of those "rules" you talk about...
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