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Originally Posted by cogwheel View Post
As an IFR M/E instructor in a previous life, I have operated at MNG many times in all sorts of WX. If the communications are appropriate then usually all is well. What this thread says in many ways is there is a significant lack of understanding of what the appropriate procedures are in Class G/CTAF. The MULTICOM saga of a year ago showed exactly the same. Many pilots say what they think the other pilot or the controller wants to hear but there is very little instruction on this aspect of radio communications, in fact the last time I looked it is not subject to any examination - just what your instructors teach you (!). In fact there are CFIs about that all have a different idea on what to say and when and then the CASA safety advisors have a different view on it as well. This may only be a small hole in the cheese, but believe me it is a serious one that needs to be addressed with some detailed instruction and some standardisation. As someone said above, if it was IMC and they were talking to each other (??) why did they not provide themselves with at least 1000ft separation?
It should be known that you don't get a clearance on the ground at places like MNG, so why ask? All that is needed is a taxy call to start your SAR and perhaps obtain a SSR code. Every commercial pilot should know that navigation responsibility when OCTA (except in an emergency) is the responsibility of the PIC and that means you will not be radar vectored when OCTA. The appropriate use of 2 Coms is an issue in this event and will no doubt be looked into. It was mentioned that some instructors turn the radio volume down at times - really? You should get another job if you do that.

A very sad event, may they RIP. I hope we can learn from the results of the investigation.
agree, well said.
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