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Originally Posted by LessThanSte View Post
I took the test on Monday. Thought it wasnt too tricky and wasnt designed to catch people out. ManFlex40 summarises well, but a couple of observations from me;
  • Symbiotics mock tests were by far the best demonstration of the Maths and Physics tests. Same style of questions, same genre, same time etc. I'd thoroughly recommend. I see no reason why i would not have gotten 100% on these unless i did something daft like not reading the question. All relevant formulae given, plus 2 or 3 questions theory questions.
  • Cognitive ability wasnt too extreme, didnt do the mock test for that but expect it would have been as above. In any event, my impression was that i got everything correct with plenty of time to spare.
  • FAST - first time was tricky, second time i thought was much simpler (its the same test twice!). Thought it went well, particularly the second attempt.
  • Ball - thought this was fine, though had what felt like it might have been an issue with the joystick flickering (like when you unplug and then replace a device on a pc). On a couple of occasions the ball darted off to the extreme edge of the circle but even with full twist (in the correct direction) took an eternity (~10 seconds) to move it back to the middle.
  • Fixed Wing - relatively simple, though the waypoints didnt appear to align with the headings given - hence do you follow the heading or aim at the waypoint? The airfield was large (there appeared to be 2 runways), so hard to tell at what point you were over it.
All of the above said, i got an email today offering me the ATPL rather than the MPL - which is good but also not what i was aiming at. I'd like feedback to confirm which of the above didnt go so well.

Hope that helps
Sorry to hear that mate, is that still tagged with easyJet or whitetail?
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