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Now having spent a considerable amount of effort and money to get two Viking Squadrons to the point of flight status by providing new facilities I do not see that could possibly mean it all closes again next year.
The organisation now has an actual surplus of new winches, and probably more refurbished Vikings that it can use at one time.
The actual Viking 'fatigue life' left is considerable so it would not be a problem to start to organise their replacement now without having to shut down operations.
Kenley has a good Cadet Catchment potential and is central to former staff from closed Squadrons. It would not be beyond the wit of man to utilise this location with more 'continuous courses' during school vacations thereby increasing utilisation and keeping some of the experience skill level going. Remember the ATC Gliding operation was a TRAINING ORGANISATION and it was very good at that. I know we will never get back to the days of the fretwork fighter with so few launches before going solo, but even so that goal of SOLO FLIGHT should always be something to aim for, and it can still give the Cadet force that unique facility that set it apart from other youth organisations. Giving that opportunity (available to all) is not just about learning to fly but it opens up a voyage of self discovery and decision making that is life changing. The Cadet gliding organisation should now rise to the occasion and show what it can offer, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain but they may have to up the utilisation situation to make up for the lack of sites. I wish them well and just like Kenley they will survive.
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