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Hello to everyone,

it's the first message that I'm writeing here,
Just I would like to share my experience with the BAA and what I felt during the previous moment of the assessment and the day of the interview.

From the day when I started to ask question to the Project manager who follow you during the process (a young girl who doesn’t know quite anything if not just some pdf which will give you to let you know something better) N.B. she will ask everytime to the “assessment center” to be sure about everything will tell you… so this means.

She made a bit of pressure to “pay” for the assessment (380€) and decide a day, since I decided to do the “cadet program” for LOT she told me that I should have the interview before than 20th February because after the “final interview” there should be done during 26/27th of February (after paid she told me that LOT could have some dates after 20 March or during the beginning of April)

Btw I asked her many times which kind of test there were during the assessment…. She told me only “cut-e” and when I asked about the compass she answered me “no” (in the CUT-E there will be the compass, she didn’t know and when I asked to the HR why there was the compass when the PM said me no she replied “I’m not the PM)


As you can find online there are enough test to try and it’s ok “be careful” for the “complex control” because is a s**it cause a bad link with mouse and flash plugin, the English test isn’t so simple and also the sinonimum are difficult, mostly because are “old” and I think neither so common for the language. The dialogue between Tower control and Pilot are difficult to understand ( often I've got only numbers and “left and right”)

I didn’t like to woman in front of me, she was so “cold” and full of questions and often a bit annoying. “tell me a classic day of a pilot” “do you think that is a good life that one of the pilot?” “why LOT Polish”? I’m enough old to don't stand these kind of question because surely I think that a lot of persons would like to earn and fly for a perfect company and stay there and lie to explain why we should enter in a company than another one I find it unprofessional.

Neither 24h after I had the email with my failure.
No one motivation, no one test came back to show the transparency… just a “don’t be disappointed”.

if this is the scenary of BAA at poiny I wouldn’t to apply for anything else but they have the best cadet program actually... so.

Do you know how many candidates there’re per year to the BAA cadet program?
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