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I thought i'd respond to your mention - as ever, I hope that my occasional contributions might be of some use.

Here's a thought - how about a substantial effort by the PPRuNe community (e.g. a good many FoI requests) to the MoD for information on the Viking OSD? Here's a steer. My previous efforts got me a copy of the 2002 Viking Ageing Aircraft Audit (AAA). I'd asked for a copy of a 2009 AA, but it appeared that the 2002 document was all they held for the Viking at that time (2018). I also got an Ageing Aircraft Structural Audit for the Vigilant dated 2009, which reported significant gaps in that aircraft's structural safety case. I'd love to know how the Vigilant RTS survived after that document was issued.

By now, they must have carried out another AAA on the Viking. Perhaps we can get that one - it would provide definitive answers on OSD and fatigue life. There should also be documented and controlled documents setting out Viking Maintenance Policy, as well as a Fleet Management Plan. Oh, and of course a copy of the RTS should be released. Or, how about details of the 10 year funding lines for ATC gliders?

The MoD will fight tooth and nail to protect this stuff. None of it should be remotely classified, none of it would be commercially sensitive. But it would be embarrassing. And. from my direct personal experience, many in the MoD do not like FoI requests at all. They resent them, they dislike them, and they do their best to obstruct them. They've forgotten that they work for us, and that they are accountable to us.

Anyone want to pick up the cudgels?

Best regards as ever to all those really irritating people out there who keep digging,


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