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Originally Posted by muppetofthenorth View Post
Everyone is resigned to the fact that motor gliding within the Air Cadets is dead, that sailplane gliding is a shadow of it's former self, and that the Air Cadets' Vikings are out of service in a year with no mention of any replacement anywhere.
I for one am appalled at the way the Air Cadets have been let down by those in charge at the top; but despite this the organisation still has a shed load of brand new winches and a quantity of 'refurbished' Vikings. Apart from anything else 2FTS will still want to keep themselves employed, and in the case of Kenley which serves the largest catchment area of all they have been provided with a brand new HQ on what is a secure site. The Vigilants have been killed off due to the lack of will to engage with the engine issue of being on extension, and despite an LAA based project to sort this out it no doubt suited those who wanted to 'bury the dead' for the patient to stay dead. The Vikings have now been effectively given an extra life, so with Kenley (615), (and soon 626) getting new facilities I think there must be a 10 year future at least. This is enough time to look at, and organise replacement equipment if the budget and will exists.
Either way although we will not see the organisation 'as it was' it at least still gives an 'AIR' element to those Cadets who aspire to train to solo standard.
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