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Hi guys I did my 2 stage one week ago but for sure I didnít pass...
anyway here there are some notes that I wrote after finished it that may help you.Progressive MATH

-Speed distance time (easy)

-speed distance time + Fuel usage

-REFU + space distance

-headings Calculation

-1mile=1 .6 km


(You must know and be really fast with s=d/t)

You have 30 min and 20 questions

Progressive PHYSICS

-acceleration (easy)

-electric circuits (very easy) overall resistance

-levers all tipe (one problem)

-Bernoulli ( one question)

-Universe (eclissi)

-Definition of velocity (one question)

-gas law (one problem)

-magnetism (one question, unlike doesnít attract..really easy)

-P1/t1 = p2/t2

-Ohm laws

Youíve 30 min and 20 questions



-percentage all type

-conversion (PSI to ATM)

-speed,distance and time

-equation with X (simple)

Then you will find other 25 questions

about cognitive topics

You have 30 min and 30 question but Iím not really sure...


6 personality test at the biginnig

The fast is done 2 times and is always the same route

Was hard understanding the name of way point and also is difficult to see it into the ground (low graphic)

Percentage 15% of 600 ... crazy

Cube (one question)

Cube rotate with x (one question)

3+(4 x 8 )

Remember the sequence (2 times)

Complete the sequence (low numbers)

At the end 12 question with 12 second for each

-Name of waypoint ?

-How many bip did you hear ?

-How many aircrafts did you see?

-Where the helicopter was located ? (Remember and find the Helicopter in a map,4 opinions)


Really difficult

Twisted the joystick to move the ball left and right


Was difficult maintain the altitude and speed (the same for all the time)

Fly 4 waypoints

I wasnít able to find the 4 waypoint.

Follow a route to Nord Est with 4 waypoints and the third is an airport

Maintain 200 kts 2000ft all the mission

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