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Originally Posted by Musician View Post
I'd like to thank everyone who answered my questions about the engine noise on the doorbell video...
Just to be clear, even if there was an engine problem, it doesn't require an immediate landing or cause a loss of control. There is another engine with plenty of power available to keep you humming along just fine. Even if you have an engine on fire, just let it burn until you are safely transitioned to single engine flight. There is no hurry to rush anything. When you are safely flying and assured of terrain clearance, you have two fire bottles that discharge into the engine bay. If those two bottles of fire retardant don't put out the fire, the engine bay is fire rated for 15 minutes. Gives you plenty of time to get it on the ground safely. So these reports of engine spluttering or whatever. Total bollocks. Engine problems are a total furphy in explaining an apparent loss of control.
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