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Originally Posted by Senior Pilot View Post
There has been a lot of speculation based upon individuals interpretations of FR24, ADS-B, door-bell videos and expert ear analysts such that moderators have had their work cut out sorting the wheat from the chaff.

A number of experienced helicopter pilots have hinted that this is best left to the NTSB. Since this thread is trawled by the media and others looking for, and getting, any misdirection available there will be a slash and burn policy on any more posts of this nature.

Stick to what you actually know, not what you think you know.
Is this why my replies aren't showing up? I try not to engage in empty speculation. I've been a Feeder for 6 years ( using FR24 sponsored hardware) and do know something about ADS-B. I'm familiar with its weak points and strong points. Its understandable that the Rotor Pilots who have been here for years resent the onslaught of non-rotor pilots over the last week. Some of us non-pilots try to post info that has value. But it is what it is. Ifyou don't want me posting here, let me know. I'll quit typing replies and comments that end up in the round file. Thanks in advance for your consideration...
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