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Originally Posted by Takwis View Post
Got an answer for this one, RetiredBA/BY?
No I dont.

Perhaps I have an early onset of something but I have no memory of a STS on our very early -300s, which even had round instruments, and absolutely no memory of anything about it in the sim. Mach trim yes STS no. This worries me a little as the technicalities of my aircraft of all types were always of deep interest. No recall of ever seeing uncommanded trim movement, either.

Our - 300 “course”. Was very simple really just the FMS and autopilot operation, the rest we pretty much made up in the belief -300 airframe was pretty much as a - 200 with some tweaks.

My FO on my first -300 trip is coming on Friday, I will discuss his knowledge of the STS.

Just looked at my Boeing training notes. Runaway stab was practised on 7 sorties, manual trim operation alone on 2 and no discussion or even mention of the Yo Yo procedure, never heard of it on my time on the 73.

Intersting to see my ppl now shows my former types include all 737s up upto 900, never even sat in one !
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